Safety Valet Program Opens on 9/5

The safety Valet program on Bellaire Avenue will open on Tuesday, September 5. To ensure the valet program is successful we need all parents to do the following:
  • Drive southbound on Bellaire and enter through the marked cones. (NO U-TURNS)
  • Students should be ready with backpacks in the back seat.
  • Students should be prepared to exit through the passenger side when the car doors open.
  • Parents should stay in the car at all times and exit the drive-through in an orderly fashion.

The valet program is available for all students. Kindergarteners who use the valet lane will be walked to the kinder yard by a fifth-grade helper unless they have a sibling who can help. Parents may not make a U-Turn by the valet area or cross the street through the valet lane.

Extra special thank you to our parent volunteers who have signed up to help. If you are interested or able to help, we would greatly appreciate it.